An Affordable Floor Coating Project That Won’t Bust Your Budget

Recently we did some research and gathered some information to help you find the right floor coating system that will not be over your budget. While some parts of the country are thriving, there are still many affected by the economy. Having a tough floor coating that is long lasting will help you maintain high productivity levels because your operations will have less down time to do floor repairs.

Example 1) – Large Floor Plan: Massive Shopping Mall

As an architect or property owner your under pressure to keep costs low. Even when the economy is going good, your demands for profitability never change. That means that a Terrazzo, marble, or tile for is likely out of budget for a large open floor space. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for expensive carpet or linoleum. No, we’ve worked with a lot of different size budgets and what we find works best is using a Micro-finish and reflector enhancing floor system. They are safe, affordable, and perfect for a mall.


Example 2 – Thin Stamped Concrete Overlay: Stone & Wood Patio

Why not show off your outdoor restaurant or bar space, especially if you have a spectacular view right outside your back door. Instead of having a normal patio area, why not make it a destination place for your patrons. Using decorative concrete products you can get the look of stone rocks or wood by using slate textured skins and wood plank stamps. There are staining techniques on the market that makes the texture look paved while also adding some color to the area.


Example 3 – A Really Cool Checker Board Industrial Garage Epoxy Floor

You probably have seen the classic black and white checkered floor in a garage but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t as tough as a checkered epoxy floor. Using a special reflector formula, you can design and paint this directly over concrete. It will resist oils and other harsh chemicals that are found in garages and will clean easily. It will definitely be a show stopper to all who enter.


Example 4 – Flood Proof Flooring: Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Did you know that even the smallest flooding can cause major damage to concrete flooring. Why not protect it by installing a water proof flooring system that can withstand minor flooding or water damage and be beautiful at the same time? You can apply this to an existing concrete surface and the top-coating is 1/8″ thick giving you added protection for normal wear and tear, even from forklift abuse. This type of system is known as a slate trowel down and does not have any seams. You can also customize the top coat with a reactive stain and put a finish clear coat of epoxy on for additional strength.


Example 5 – Interior/Exterior Decorative Concrete: Indoor Water Pool

Few properties see more foot traffic than an indoor outdoor water park splash zone. Now considering that the floor will always be wet and outdoors is prone to extreme freeze/thaw winters. What kind of floor treatment can you find for this kind of concrete area? Using a thin stamped overlay combined with a texture can be applied directly to the new or old concrete slab. The textured pattern will give you a stone flooring look and will not be slippery when wet.


Example 6 – Clean White Epoxy Flooring: A New Trend

Looking for a white epoxy floor design idea? Bright white and and urethane floors are being installed not only in condos but in commercial showrooms. These floors are so reflective that they can reduce your electric costs by lighting up the showroom, even on a cloudy day. Getting a white floor that is strong and durable is now possible. Add a UV Clear Polyurethane top coat for added protection and you will see your floor maintenance costs go down.


Example 7 – Car Dealership & Showroom Flooring – Epoxy Floor Finish

The best sealer for an auto showroom or car dealership is a top coating that is strong and durable. There will be lots of wear (especially in the service area) and will encounter the abuse of harsh chemicals. While concrete itself is strong, there are always ways to improve it’s durability that will avoid cracks and pitting in the slab surfaces. An epoxy floor system combines surface level sealers and penetrating sealers that will protect a car dealer floors from their greatest threats. We achieve this by applying multiple layers of epoxy coats. The top coat can be a high gloss coating or a matte finish.


Floors That Reflect The Quality of Your Business

So when it comes time to deciding your budget for installing a new concrete floor, remember there is always an alternate choice that will help you achieve stunning looks at an affordable price. From car dealerships, retail malls, outdoor and indoor concrete surfaces, industrial manufacturing, or a commercial kitchen you can choose an epoxy floor or decorative concrete staining service that will not only protect but can also give you peace of mind from penetrating water damage.