Our Company Credo

Here at Advanced Floor Coatings, we believe that in everything we do, we bring an added value to your needs with our products and services. After coating millions of square feet on floors we believe that strength is built from the ground up. We do care how we get results.

High Quality Services

We are dedicated to those who use our products and services. We have business because our clients understand the value of using high quality concrete coating contractors. In meeting their needs, we must deliver high quality services and anticipate advances in technology. The quality and reliability of the surfaces we cover for our customers is an integral part of our success in creating long-term relationships with our client base.


We are responsible to our employees and communities where we live and work. We know that teamwork is a result of hiring quality people. We are not driven by our egos but recognize the merits of our people and invest time into training and developing employees. We respect and trust one another regardless of title or level and our actions must be just and ethical.

Customer Satisfaction

We focus on making it easy for our customer to do business with us. Knowing our products and services and educating clients in a way that they can understand helps us solve their floor challenges. We are accountable for our actions and results and lead by example of our own actions. We know that having these high standards, resources, and employees gives us a competitive advantage.

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