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Advanced Floor Coatings offers a wide range of concrete coating systems. The advantages of coating your concrete floors will not only enhance the looks of the floor but will make the surfaces stronger and easy to maintain. Our floor coating experience ranges from commercial high performance floors and high moisture areas to warehouse floors, manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, parking decks, restaurants, commercial kitchens, and retail stores.

CCL Concrete Polish Before

CCL Concrete Polish Before

We make it easy for you by coordinating our services around your schedule making the least amount of interruptions for your production lines making AFC Pros your choice for concrete coating needs. Contact one of our professional sales consultants today to schedule a Project Consultation.

We specialize in pedestrian and vehicular concrete coatings including specialty coatings such as electro static dissipative, epoxy floor coatings, FDA approved floors, moisture vapor barriers, polurethane, seamless and self-leveling floors, and other concrete coating systems that can be customized to your project.

Decorative coatings are an ideal way to make your new and existing concrete surface more functional to your everyday operations. Not only do they add durability but are also stain resistant to harsh chemicals and fluids. You can also design them using custom patterns for textures and color combinations ensuring your decorative coating compliments the brand of your company.

CCL Concrete Polish After

CCL Concrete Polish After

Epoxy coatings provide skid resistance while concrete polishing is ideal for high traffic areas for forklifts in areas such as warehouses and service bays. Epoxy floor coatings are aesthetically appealing and are a must for all high volume traffic areas.

Whether you have a bunch of forklifts running around the shop, industrial mold injection machines, or commercial ovens, epoxy floor coatings will provide you the strength needed to ensure a good hard days work. Our epoxy systems are designed to go over new or existing concrete floor surfaces.

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