Concrete Repair Services

Concrete is one of the strongest building materials, but sometimes normal wear and exposure to harsh conditions cause concrete to deteriorate, break down and become pitted or cracked making it even more dangerous and need of repair. A concrete coating creates a barrier between your work surface and the substrate or slab.

Spalling is the term for when concrete breaks away from the main slab. This is often caused by moisture penetration, rebar corrosion, or delaminating of the concrete.

It is more cost effective repairing the concrete versus a full replacement. Plus it takes much less time to perform the job. Technology has provided new patching materials that can seamlessly blend into the existing slab and make the repairs practically unnoticeable.

The result of the repair or patched concrete is a nice and smooth surface that will put you back into production for years. From our experience, a repair job done right is almost like the original concrete when it was poured new.

Concrete Repair Systems

Examples of our finished concrete work

The one thing that hasn’t changed in concrete though is the need to repair cracks, holes, divets, joints, chips, and trenches that exist in neglected concrete floors. The longer you wait to fix the problem the more time and money it will cost you.

Everything we do for Concrete Crack & Slab Repair

  • Crack & Joint Repair
  • Epoxy Injection Repairs
  • Polyurethane Repairs
  • Concrete Grinding and Armor Sealing
  • Installation of Concrete Overlayment
Examples of cracked and damaged concrete slabs

Bigger is better today. That’s why you see large concreted-floors in places such as airports, malls, retail stores, restaurants, and more. The demand for polished concrete floors continues to grow year over year. Take a distribution warehouse for example.

Day to day operations can damage the warehouse floors because of heavy forklift traffic and freight that is constantly being loaded and unloaded. With 24/7 operations, it’s a logistical nightmare to find time to repair the current safety hazards.

How to deal with Concrete Floors and Slab Failures

The best solution – we offer a level of finish no one else does and we are happy to provide this.
Our unique diamond polishing system includes:

  • Coarse grinding (to expose the hard concrete substrate)
  • Filling of aeration holes and small imperfections (less places for dust to be trapped)
  • Advanced capillary densification (hardens concrete by 5x and seals concrete internally)
  • Honing (removes scratches from coarse grinding)
  • Polishing (to your required level of gloss)
  • Premium stain guard (added protection to oil and water based contaminants)

Concrete Epoxy Injection

Cracks in concrete are loaded by injecting a higher or reduced viscosity epoxy material into the fracture. The epoxy resin is administered struggling which permits it to penetrate the complete depth as well as path of the fracture, providing a complete crack repair. Not only is the fracture secured, but structural toughness is obtained as the epoxy material is much stronger compared to the original concrete.

Epoxy’s high tensile as well as bonding strength prevents more elongation as well as yawning of structural fractures. Nevertheless, the cause of the architectural stress itself need to be established and resolved in order to ensure proper repair work.

Our workers, equipment, and item teams have actually permitted us to supply epoxy treatment services on a collection of bridges, buildings, storm drains, and also many other concrete frameworks.

We use Expansion Joint Systems in locations where concrete sealing expansion joints are also required.

Both systems are capable of a variety of specifications and options based on your project needs and budget.

Expansion Joint Options

  • Watertight Seals
  • Small Movement
  • Large Movement
  • Hardness Variances
  • Multiple Tensile Strengths

High expansion joint performance is often needed is places like stadiums, parking decks and structures, plazas, and sewage and water treatment facilities. The concrete expansion joints are also used in architectural patching in large scale buildings and bridges.

Advanced Floor Coatings has experience with concrete repair services and installing both horizontal and vertical expansion joint systems in wheel, foot traffic, and non-traffic areas.

The expansion joint system is selected specifically for the application required as the movement capabilities and some requirements may vary.


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