Concrete Sealing Services

Looking for concrete sealers to protect your investment? Our concrete sealers compliment concrete stains, polishing, and concrete coatings and help protect against the harshest environments. Decorative sealers help keep concrete looking great in public areas.


Advanced Floor Coatings provides professional concrete sealing services for industrial, commercial, and institutional markets. Stained Concrete and Stamped Overlays are also a good alternative to creating a finished concrete floor.

Concrete Sealant Types

  • Film Formers
  • Penetrates

We use Film Formers to help protect your new concrete surface from water and chemicals from penetrating the concrete. This sealant also helps add shine to your floor.

Penetrate sealers increase the water repellency as they enter the concrete approximately 1 to 4 millimeters. Because of the penetration of this sealer type, it does not add any shine to your concrete floor until you polish the concrete.

Advanced Floor Coatings provides Concrete Sealing Services nationwide for commercial applications. Contact us today to discuss your project needs and request a free estimate for your project.


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