Floor Graphic Pictures

Think of your floors and walls as blank canvases awaiting your ideas. Embedding Floor graphics into your concrete floors is an exciting new concept of decorative epoxy resin flooring. Floor graphics allows us to combine images, photographs, art and logos with same durability as epoxy resin floors.

This new concept is aimed at any company that is ready to introduce an inspirational and unique floor to their concrete surface. It is also a great service that compliments our Concrete Floor Repair to cover up imperfections at certain points in your floor as well as previously damaged areas.

Pictures of Epoxy Resin Floor Graphics


Advanced Floor Coatings Custom Floor Graphics and Decals

Want a graphic or logo or custom blend designed into your epoxy floor design? Just ask, we can now embed graphic images in hard wearing epoxy resin floors.

To learn more about embedding custom floor graphics and logos onto your floor by Advanced Floor Coatings, call 1-800-288-9589 or email info@afcpros.com today.