Manufacturing & Industrial Floor Coatings

We’ve found that our best industrial clients are facing at least 3 of the following 8 conditions:

Employees are getting shocked as they touched components and parts.

Aisle ways are worn out from heavy traffic.

Exposed re-bar, holes, and cracks in floor substrates.

Constantly repairing forklift tires because of bad joints in floor.

Pressures from inspector to bring floors up to code.

Slippery entrance into service bay and loading docks.

Concrete pads eroded due to severe chipping and de-lamination.

Epoxy floor coatings are beginning to peel and chip.

We find that we can help people who are experiencing these issues with a likely outcome of increased productivity and a reduction in floor maintenance costs.

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Getting Started

In order for us to accurately inspect your floor issues and plan your resurfacing project, some additional information is needed beyond what is found during the initial conversation.


For example, we always recommend that you have a moisture test performed by a 3rd party. This will let you know what kind of problems may exist beneath concrete substrates and will save you thousands in repair costs later.

Over the last 25 years we’ve applied epoxy floor coatings on large and small jobs, covering just about every aspect of the industrial and commercial market. We rely on our expertise and connections in the industry to help you decide if and which epoxy product will work best for your project or floor. We also own and operate all of the equipment and machines used daily in our concrete floor coating business. That’s just the start of what makes us different.

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