Outdoor Concrete Coating Services

Exterior concrete coatings can renew your old or new concrete surfaces without using a jackhammer or bulldozer. Permanent concrete waterproofing sealers are used to prevent penetration of contaminants that can create mold, mildew and pollution damage. Epoxy coatings can be used to coat your parking garage with added safety strips used to direct traffic flow and parking spots that meet all government regulations.

Concrete Waterproofing & Sealers

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  • Concrete Water Proofing DFW
  • Concrete Water Proofing DFW
  • Concrete Water Proofing DFW
  • Concrete Water Proofing DFW

Outdoor Concrete Epoxy Coatings

You will love using epoxy for painting your service bay garage floors because of how easy they are to clean and maintain. They also prevent moisture from getting down into the concrete cracks.

Outdoor Patios & Decks

Looking for ideas to finish your concrete patio or deck? Check out some inspiration from stained concrete patios, stamped concrete patios, and different colors you can use to stain your outdoor concrete areas. We like to think of decorative outdoor concrete surfaces as stiff competition to wood decks.

Textured Concrete Coating

Textured concrete finishes are the most affordable way to spruce up your concrete and there are many options including: Float and Trowel Finishes, Stenciling Concrete, Stamped Concrete, Broom Finishes, and Rock Salt Finishes. Some of the textured finishes are more fancy than others but can create a coarse or smooth finish depending on your needs.

Advanced Floor Coatings is a Concrete Floor Coating Contractors that provides full service concrete flooring treatments and floor coating services for commercial and industrial facilities and commercial retail locations.


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