Polished Concrete – A Simple Solution for Lasting Concrete Floors

At one time there were only a couple of different flooring options available but today the options seem endless. Depending on the area you want to install flooring in you may want to consider polished concrete floors for a simple solution to lasting concrete floors. This is a great, durable surface for any business environment.

Concrete in and of itself is a very durable and sturdy surface. It is also extremely affordable, especially if you need to finish a large floor surface. When you opt to upgrade for polished concrete you are creating a much more attractive floor for an area such as a restaurant, warehouse, school, hospital, store and more. Many of these locations have a concrete floor installed and then cover the entire area with another type of flooring to hide the area.

This isn’t necessary anymore with the installation of polished concrete floors. The end result is an area that can withstand a lot of traffic and wear and tear.
The process of installing polished concrete floors can be done as a dry process as well as a wet process. This depends on the level of shine you are looking for. You can select a very high gloss polished concrete floor or a more matte look.

Once the proper level of grit has been used to polish the flooring the entire area can then be densified. The process of densification protects the shine and the floor by way of protecting from water, chemicals and other stains. When the floor is completed you can actually have a surface that looks like stone but the truth is it is far less expensive.