What Are Epoxy Floor Coatings?

Epoxy Coating going down on an industrial floor

Epoxy Floor Paint

The Bottom Line on Epoxy Floor Coatings

If you are looking for a durable, long-lasting method to seal concrete floors, epoxy floor coatings are an ideal solution. A liquid polymer plastic that is cured, creating a solid coating via a chemical reaction, the finished product is strong and chemically resistant.

Because of the durable end result, epoxy coatings can be used in a number of settings:

  • Commercial: epoxy floor paints
  • Construction: vapor barriers to protect concrete barriers, slabs, and foundations
  • Industrial: epoxy floor paints; epoxy coatings on machinery and equipment

Because of its adhesive nature in a liquid state, epoxy coatings will bond securely with all surfaces. Whether concrete floors are old or new, epoxy floor coatings are ideal for both commercial and industrial settings.

What are Epoxy Floor Coatings?

Epoxy coatings consist of two separate substances: the epoxy resin, which is a relatively odorless, clear or light-colored liquid, and a hardener, a darker, liquid with a strong ammonia smell. Mixing these two components creates a chemical reaction that cures and hardens the epoxy resin, causing it to form a hard, durable, plastic-like finish that will repel moisture and chemicals, protecting the concrete underneath.

There are two different types of epoxy floor coatings: those that are applied in a single coat, and those that require two coats. As you may have already guessed, one-coat epoxies are often used because they are faster to install, but they tend not to last as long or protect as effectively. Two-coat epoxies may take a little longer to apply, but they also offer greater benefits such as longer-lasting durability and better waterproofing, as they are less likely to leave pinholes or voids in the epoxy. Both types are applied using a roller, and should be done by a professional to ensure that the epoxy is mixed and applied correctly.

Epoxy Top Coat Paint

Applying Commercial Epoxy Paint

Other Uses for Epoxy Coatings

In addition to protecting floors and industrial machinery, epoxy coatings can be used as vapor barriers in new construction. Epoxy vapor barriers are used to coat concrete in fast track construction, preventing vapor emissions that can penetrate flooring and other components, causing damage and making the building susceptible to mold.

Epoxies have a variety of useful applications other than being used to coat and protect floors and industrial machinery. Epoxy coatings can also be used to insulate electrical components and prevent metal corrosion, and are commonly found in electrical systems, on automotive components, and in marine applications. In addition, epoxies are often used as adhesives in both industrial and household settings. Their adhesiveness, their resistance to chemicals, heat, and moisture, and their electrical insulating properties make them popular solutions in commercial and industrial settings.about-afc

Our Services

At Advanced Floor Coatings, we offer commercial and industrial clients in the Youngstown Ohio area two types of epoxy floor coating installation services:

  • Epoxy floor paint application: Our epoxy floor coating is a two-part application for long lasting quality and durability. The high gloss finished product is waterproof, chemical resistant, and will stand up to the considerable daily wear of commercial and industrial businesses.
  • Liquid epoxy vapor barrier application: Our vapor barriers are also installed with a two-part application process for optimum effectiveness and highest quality. This epoxy coating will seal concrete in new construction, preventing vapor emissions and protecting the building from moisture and mold.

When installed properly by an experienced professional, epoxy floor coatings and vapor barriers provide concrete floors with lasting protection against wear, moisture, and chemicals, making them ideal choices for maintaining your building and protecting your investment.