Protecting Your Floors is the RIGHT Choice.

Don’t let bad floors ruin it.

Everyday people put their trust in the floors they walk on are safe.
We specialize in concrete flooring systems that ensures that safety.

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Concrete Resurfacing makes it safer for people

Careful planning and phasing of our work in your facility with concrete resurfacing and epoxy floor systems makes for minimal disruption to production.


Avoid slips, trips, and falls

Get strong durable floors that provide ultimate protection with traction coatings that provide a non-skid surface.

Epoxy Textured Coatings Help avoid slips, trips, and falls 

Savings… you always stand on

Get better looks for less and stop spending money on stripping and waxing your floors.
Match your brand with color and style!


Concrete Epoxy Coatings give you a better look and feel for less

A floor that pays you!

This is the best floor you will ever encounter. Floors can last for years with less maintenance than conventional flooring.


Floor coating systems designed around you

Restore eroded floors, add custom floor graphics, and stop mold before it starts with an epoxy and urethane floor that is built to last.


Floors Design Around Your Specifications and Requirements

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    Few can match our commitment to safety and professional experience.
    We offer the broadest line of floor coating services, with specialized equipment, technology and personnel.

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    Talk to a Concrete Floor Coating
    expert the easy way.

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